Consignment Sale Haul – 36 Items!

There’s nothing like a little retail therapy for speech therapy, am I right? Especially if you scored as much as I did for as little as I did! Tonight was the presale for the LA Kids Consignment Sale; I went after work, hair tied back, IKEA bags in hand, and meticulously perused a hot steamy warehouse for a little under two hours, and managed to emerge victorious with some really great buys at amazing prices! Bear with me, it’s a longer post than usual as I break down each of my toys and how I would use them. Continue reading “Consignment Sale Haul – 36 Items!”

What Do I Do When: Pictures Are BORING

Howdy y’all! We’re halfway through the week! Today I’d like to introduce a series I call “What Do I Do When-sdays”, (get it?!) where I’ll take a challenge that I, or a parent or colleague, face sometimes during therapy/play, and I’ll share a solution or workaround to that issue. This week’s “What Do I Do” moment arose when I found a couple of my kiddos had goals such as: “Sally will identify pictures when named, in 8/10 opportunities”, or “Thomas will point to four action words in pictures”. When the time came for us to bring out our picture books, flashcards, or anything that wasn’t a super fun action-packed toy, they went running for the hills. What do you do when kids just aren’t interested in pictures?  Continue reading “What Do I Do When: Pictures Are BORING”

Thrifty Thursdays: Consignment Sales!

Hi everyone, it’s Thrifty Thursday!  This week I’ll be sharing with you one of my favorite places to score some really great deals on toys that I use for therapy. As a traveling SLPA, having a well stocked car full of different types of toys is essential. When I first began doing in-home therapy, I was a little overwhelmed about having to build my toy collection from scratch. After doing my research online, browsing the aisles at Target and Toys R Us, and taking note of all the toys that I wanted, I soon realized that buying everything all at once was going to do some serious damage to my wallet, fast! Luckily my mom, who is one of the most thrifty people I know, came to the rescue! Her solution? Continue reading “Thrifty Thursdays: Consignment Sales!”

“…to live my life as a human being, nothing is more important than being able to express myself.”

– Naoki HigashidaThe Reason I Jump

When “Weird” Is Normal

Greetings friends, I hope you all had a nice 3-day weekend!

Today’s topic is about behaviors in toddlers that make us think twice and ask, “Is that normal?” I know that when working with kiddos with any kind of early diagnosis, possible behavioral issues, or even a speech delay where we just don’t know the cause of it; professionals and parents alike tend to be hyper-aware and super observant of those actions, cross-checking it with symptoms of all of the syndromes or disorders we’ve learned about in school, read about, or have seen in other toddlers.  Continue reading “When “Weird” Is Normal”

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