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Fantastic Apps: Feed the Animals & More

Hello friends! I hope you all had a great summer. It’s Tech Tuesday, so today I’m going to be talking about an app that has been such a hit with my toddlers lately. It’s no wonder it’s been ranked in the Top 10 Educational games worldwide; this app can do so much! Continue reading “Fantastic Apps: Feed the Animals & More”

When “Weird” Is Normal

Greetings friends, I hope you all had a nice 3-day weekend!

Today’s topic is about behaviors in toddlers that make us think twice and ask, “is that normal?” I know that when working with kiddos with any kind of early diagnosis, possible behavioral issues, or even a speech delay where we just don’t know the cause of it; professionals and parents alike tend to be hyper-aware and super observant of those actions, cross-checking it with symptoms of all of the syndromes or disorders we’ve learned about in school, read about, or have seen in other toddlers.  Continue reading “When “Weird” Is Normal”

The Traveling SLPA Starter Pack

Hey everyone! I’m happy to be back from my short break, and excited to share with you some of the “Early Intervention Essentials” I use to make my life traveling in-between client’s homes a little easier. If you haven’t already, take advantage of the 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime, and enjoy FREE 2-day shipping on these items below! Continue reading “The Traveling SLPA Starter Pack”

I Am

Photo Courtesy of: National Autism Association & Love What Matters


Loud and Proud

Hello there! It’s Tech Tuesday, so today I wanted to share an awesome app and ingenious toy to use with those kiddos who speak like meek little mice! I have two girls that I see who often mumble or speak in a very low voice/whisper. At first I could be silly and say “speak louuuuder!”, “I can’t hear youuu!”, but that got old pretty quickly. Luckily I found a super fun and super cheap way to get those kiddos roaring like lions!

Continue reading “Loud and Proud”


“The first five years have so much to do with how the next 80 turn out.”


“Dirt” Don’t Hurt

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Hello friends! It’s been a busy couple of weeks over here, sorry for the lack of posts. Today’s topic is a fun one that’s perfect for spring: indoor gardening with “dirt” and carrots! Continue reading ““Dirt” Don’t Hurt”

An Out-of-This-World Sensory Bin

Greetings earthlings! Today we’re going to be talking about the newest addition to my therapy toolkit: the Outer Space Sensory Bin. Isn’t it stellar?! The inspiration for this piece came from two places: the first was one of my kiddos, who began showing an extreme interest in a particular card from this conversation-starter deck in his family’s entertainment room, that featured the planets and their orbit around the sun; the second was from @simplylearning‘s current theme of the week, sky + space. My feed was filled with all of these neat little projects to do with toddlers, and I decided to make my very own outer space sensory bin to use with my own kiddo!

Materials breakdown: Continue reading “An Out-of-This-World Sensory Bin”

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